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User Info: reedux

6 days ago#11
you failed to mention you have a 7* Myra on standby.

I would save my resources and use Myra, shes really not far behind. some people like her better for having a revive all + barrier cooldown available on turn 1.

User Info: ShadowGirlxox

6 days ago#12
Myra + Sylvie is still the top healer/support combo in the game imo.

User Info: RandomTyranitar

5 days ago#13
Okay, I wasn’t sure where Myra stood right now. I will def go on and 7* her!

Is there any advice you might have for gearing her?
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User Info: reedux

5 days ago#14
the usual for a healer. HP + lots of spr. she has attacks that scale off her spr. status immunity too. standard stuff.

User Info: moot_sg

5 days ago#15
Renkencen posted...
Lenna is a HUGE upgrade to Ayaka so yeah she is woth the uoc!
This. I dumped lapis into her last banner for her. Very expensive gamble, but no regrets.
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User Info: Kyara

5 days ago#16
If you have to choose between 7*ing Lenna or Myra, go with Lenna. Myra doesn't offer you much that Lenna couldn't in combination with Sylvie and I like Lenna faaaaaaaar better as a healer than Myra.
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