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  3. Have you gotten a rainbow from the 40M Step-Up Summon (non guaranteed version)?

User Info: KefkaPalazzo

1 week ago#101
Got Lighting #5 from the first lap, Summer Fid #3 just now.
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User Info: HALiAM

1 week ago#102
not one so sad
ffbe id 415-157-672 IGN HALyeah

User Info: thrillee

1 week ago#103
Just now and what a rainbow, first Tsukiko, I'm considering UoCing my second. Just get the brag going, today's Ex also got me a rainbow but it was 3rd Yego.
When in doubt, bring a Ling.
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User Info: ToastedSal

1 week ago#104
Yego#1 and Nagi#2
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User Info: Chocobot

1 week ago#105
3 times now. 4th Myra

User Info: ChaozCloud

1 week ago#106
Got Wilhelm #6 from third step and then Kimono Fina from the ticket.
PSN: TheRedMage ,only EU players need apply
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User Info: ahriman505

1 week ago#107
Just got Lulu #2
And with the blue EX ticket from the same banner I also got Reberta #2. Now I only have 500% in moogles for her.
ID: 799 686 939
IGN: Ahriman

User Info: BassGSnewtype

1 week ago#108
Pulled my first Beowolf from the step up
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User Info: Innocent_baby

6 days ago#109
Just got one in my first Karlotte, glad to finally get that tmr
IGN Hamguar FFBE:272 239 256

User Info: Lazy_Haar

6 days ago#110
I pulled my third Machina from one of the tickets today. Is it known if there's a rate up on these? This is somehow my fifth 5 star from them so far.
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  2. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  3. Have you gotten a rainbow from the 40M Step-Up Summon (non guaranteed version)?
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