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  3. 40M DL 5* Guarantee step-up 1st pull

User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#1
So today loging we get the that ticket and thus can make a step 1 pull (game released- December 2017). Which units did you get?

For me, it was a second Ramza. Yes that suck but I'm ok with that since it means my 7* collection (expect mission when it come out) is one step closer to the goal!

User Info: minsha

1 month ago#2
3rd Orlando, 50% moogle at very least heheh
The "Starting point" of all achievement is "desire"....

User Info: Lazy_Haar

1 month ago#3
Fifth Zargabaath. In less than a week, I've now pulled a fifth copy of a unit three times (Zarg, Circe, Golbez).
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

1 month ago#4
5th Merc Ramza.
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User Info: Verjax

1 month ago#5
3rd Dark Fina; her robes are quite good, but I've already got BS Sakura's.

User Info: Songi

1 month ago#6
Cloud #2

Was hoping for my first Marie since I need herTMR. Then again, this is another TMR I could use another copy of.
FFBE: Akari - 642,936,448

User Info: iSelphy

1 month ago#7
3rd Ace. Was hoping for 4th Elfreeda.

User Info: jpridgen0

1 month ago#8
1st Onion Knight...
Gross. Lol
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User Info: p3pdrake

1 month ago#9
4th Barbie
FFBE IGN: Ken - 685 742 098
DFFOO [GL]: 111555884 (Quistis)

User Info: ahriman505

1 month ago#10
Veritas of the Flame #2
ID: 799 686 939
IGN: Ahriman
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  3. 40M DL 5* Guarantee step-up 1st pull
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