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User Info: SSJPabs

1 month ago#1
Alright let's see what those fools on Facebook got for us.

Week 1: 2G, 9B
Too stupid to be BAF2P(BTW)
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

1 month ago#2
2nd Cid
2nd Rinoa

I'm satisfied :)
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User Info: Belialkk

1 month ago#3
50% moogle and an STMR!

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User Info: Silfurbor_Negla

1 month ago#4
Week 1: 0 rainbow
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User Info: Entropical

1 month ago#5
Week 1: 1y, 9b, 1r - fryevia #2. Meh, unless I get another 2, nothing noteworthy.
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User Info: IzualUrashima

1 month ago#6
Week 1 - No rainbow.
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User Info: Lazy_Haar

1 month ago#7
Week 1: Vincent

That's my third copy of him, which I don't mind at all; he has a good TMR and I wouldn't say no to having a strong 2H gun if I get another copy.
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User Info: Jacara

1 month ago#8
Week 1
4th Rinoa
2nd Nalu
2nd Pure Summoner Rydia
Rest was trash.

User Info: Master_Arbiter4

1 month ago#9
No rainbows.
Great start, nice option -_-
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User Info: jpridgen0

1 month ago#10
Beatrix and Lid. Nice
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