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User Info: Unit3d

2 weeks ago#1
Did one lap of the step-up and an extra step. Spent 30k lapis in total and got 1 Bartz and 1 Lenna.
Used the 10% Rainbow Ticket on the banner and got trolled with a Yego.
Used a 4* Ticket on the banner and got trolled with an Aloha Lasswell.
Used the 20% B/L Ticket and got a Veritas of the Flame.

Kinda bummed I don’t have a 7* unit to share, and I am tempted to finish another lap but will have to buy lapis in order to do so. I’m just trying to stop myself from doing just that lol

How were your pulls?

User Info: Tinmaddog

2 weeks ago#2
Went for lenna, got 4 bartz and only 1 lenna. Very mixed feelings...

User Info: Caliberpoo

2 weeks ago#3
I got nothing cause I skipped

Congrats on your aloha

User Info: salpetriere

2 weeks ago#4
Spending what I have on this before another hiatus. So far

105 EX ticket
17 4* EX tickets
95 3* ticket
19 4* tickets
3 10% ticket
1 30% tickets
One full lap

Got me 3rd Beuwolf, 3rd Emperor Shera and 1st Buttz.

Lol this game
Taste the happy, Michael!

User Info: lightsword21

2 weeks ago#5
I used all my tickets and ex tickets due to my love of ff5 (I also want Galuf over CG WoL because of this reason)

3 5+1 tickets
1 5* 10+1 ticket
99 EX tickets
47 4* EX tickets
10 5* EX tickets
35 tickets
31 4* tickets
2 10% tickets
1 30% ticket

in order of how they were summoned
Rem #5
monk Sabin
Barbariccia #3
Jecht #2
summer fina/lid
Veritas of flame #5
Gladious #2
Circe #3
Myra #3
Ellesperis #2
Wilhelm #3
WoL Bartz
Myra #4
WoL Bartz #2
Esther #3
WoL Lenna
Dark knight Cecil #3

So I'm gonna UoC 2nd Lenna after the event but man does it feel even worse due to now having 4 Myra (I pulled for her on release and got 2)

Edit: included amount of tickets used

User Info: Belialkk

2 weeks ago#6
Decided to do step 1 only and yay

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User Info: Hitori_Roku

2 weeks ago#7

User Info: moot_sg

2 weeks ago#8
Two laps for Lenna, pulled 3x Bartz and assorted off-banners. I’m SOL.
PSN: moot_sg - Pawn:Zoot/Strider /Level 87

User Info: Fiyun

2 weeks ago#9
Only used the EX stuff we got, so 10 stubs in two weeks for bench girl.
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User Info: tortethetoast

2 weeks ago#10
11 tickets, 1 bartz. nice
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