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User Info: Pox

2 months ago#61
120 3* EX tickets
20 4* EX tickets
2 5* EX Tickets
5 5+1 Tickets

Platinum Summons:
25 STMR Tickets
1 UoC Ticket

f*** these rates. Over a 1000 regular pulls and not a single void moogle? And after those platinum pulls I think I might go with the gold banner...
Hokay so, here is ze Gamefaqs...

User Info: Trance04

2 months ago#62
113 3* Tix
11 4* Tix
1 5* Tix
2 5+1

Platinum Pulls
2 5* Tix
20 STMR Tickets

The Platinum is heavily weighted to the STMR tix......4 Rainbows out of 1 3* tix and the 3 5*Tix netted me 2nd Medeina, 1st Kunishara (wow no elena), 2nd Jecht, 1st Black Mage Golbez i used the 2 5+1's and got 3rd Esther
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User Info: Sigs_Minock

2 months ago#63
haven't been keeping track of my EX tickets, but got 2 STMR tix and 1 5+1 ticket.

Of the platinum i pulled, 3 5*.

did a few draws, got Beowulf #1 and RedXIII #2 from a couple of the 5* and Luneth #3 from a Rare Ticket.
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User Info: Reaper_ExE

2 months ago#64
624 tickets spent

EX tickets: 71
4*+ EX tickets: 6
5* tickets:
Silver Enlightenment Keys: 9
Gold Enlightenment Keys:
5+1 tickets: 4
STMR Tickets: 4

640 coins spent....

15 stmr tickets and 1 5* EX ticket
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User Info: SSJPabs

2 months ago#65
Pulled CG Lightning #2 from a 4* EX I got from FU tickets.
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User Info: fubar00000

2 months ago#66
I think I just spent half of my day pulling, summoning and fusing. On-set PTSD from when I used over 150 tickets for Cloud (never again).

Not looking forward to doing this again in 2 weeks. Got a few new 7* at least, none I’ll ever use though.
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User Info: Irony

2 months ago#67
What I got from my 2 guaranteed 5* 10+1 tickets
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

2 months ago#68
10x stmr moogle tickets
1x 5* 10+1
2x 5* EX
I had like 707 login day tickets, total of 807 coins I think.

6th Beryl
2nd Raegan
1st tifa
1st nyx
1st myra

Still have to burn through all the EX tickets (69 in total... f*** me)

User Info: flkid

2 months ago#69
423 tickets total for the log in portion

2 platinum pulls- 2 5* ex tickets(assuming this is the worst you can get?)

47 3* ex tickets- Elena#2, Medeina #1, Delita #1(holy f*** how is that my first ever OG Delita lol)
4 4* ex tickets- nada
2 5* ex tickets- Balthier#2, Wilhelm#3 after using 10 UOC on him a few weeks ago...

Then used a 5k pull on breaker/support banner and got Yuraisha #2 even tho I have 7* CG Nichol so meh.

Overall decent especially 7* Elena is amazing but nothing too great
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User Info: Jaeger562

2 months ago#70
119blue tickets
20 4* ex
4 5* ex
1 void moogle
About 15 stmr tickets
4 5+1

Got 3rd beatrix and aileen. So close to those sweet stmr!
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