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    While Kaito will probably be the current strongest physical attacker, he's real, real close to CG Bartz whose gonna R.I.P him. Also his sprite is bad, as his his tmr and stmr, also he's a nobody.

    Don't make the same mistake as Elena, I warned Lightning was going to R.I.P her and she did, global originals have nothing on Alim's precious CG units.

    i could argue that getting 2 copies of tsukiko's tmr is worth it because there was some kind of korean stream from a few weeks ago that it says that the skill that the robe gives can chain. giving you easy acces to support chaining if you missed out on pods

    doesn't sound too relevant even if so except for Regina users I guess

    I personally wouldn't either way unless whale, if you went for Regina you hopefully had a plan for her already with that stuff in mind, going for two 5 bases to make it possibly a little more effective or something is quite expensive
    Manage your expectations.