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User Info: tortethetoast

4 weeks ago#51
2nd aranea, wont bother with her until i can squeeze out a moogle or stmr
FFBE: 052567155
"Cool guys dont look at holy explosions."

User Info: Sakurasamuraizz

4 weeks ago#52
Babariccia no. 3
HT Lid no. 1
Currently playing: FFBE, FFDOO GL/JP, FEH

User Info: Seifer05

4 weeks ago#53
Aileen #6
Squall GL - 853 245 713
Seifer GL - 096 708 413 7*: Akstar, Zeno, Sephiroth, Hyoh, Khloud, Cloud, Squall, Randi, Esther

User Info: NekoEspirito

4 weeks ago#54
My God I got a rainbow on a free 10+1 incredible!

Jecht #2. He's not meta but it's a new 7* that's cool! Finally have a chaining partner for my 7* Queen. <_<
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User Info: azure hawk

azure hawk
4 weeks ago#55
Nothing. Nada. Jack and, well you all know the other word.
'Hakuna Matata translates into "Up Yours" in Swahili.' - Mad magazine

User Info: Jaeger562

4 weeks ago#56
10b 1g. Havent gotten a rainbow from a free 10+1 in a LONG time.
Gamer ID
FFBE: 198.800.381

User Info: sfsuphysics

4 weeks ago#57
1 rainbow Lila? 6 golds and 4 blues. Don't care too much about the rainbows until I get a dupe rainbow... which I didn't get
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  3. (Week 3) Free 10+1 results
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