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  3. What are you expecting with the Premium 10+1 ticket?

User Info: powerporing

4 weeks ago#1
The last time we had one I expected at least 1 rainbow... got 11 yellows.

I am expecting roughly 11 yellows again.

User Info: Kyara

4 weeks ago#2
A whole lot of dung.

User Info: ksucat

4 weeks ago#3
11 blue that upgrade to yellow

User Info: ahriman505

4 weeks ago#4
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User Info: Asternex

4 weeks ago#5
11 golds. Just like last time.
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User Info: Master_Arbiter4

4 weeks ago#6
Everybody should expect 11 yellows.
Of course some will do better, but everybody REALLY SHOULD be expecting 11 yellows.
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User Info: Ecnerrot

4 weeks ago#7
I'm hoping for some good golds like gravy.. am I the only one who thinks UoCs should work on golds too?

User Info: Half-Youkai

4 weeks ago#8
1 yellow and then i watch the other 10 blues break just once soooo
11 yellows
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User Info: MediumRare

4 weeks ago#9
Want 11 rainbows but of course expecting 11 golds, correct me if I'm wrong but the rate of rainbow is basically the same with normal 11 pulls right? So yeah, no surprise if we get nothing.
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

4 weeks ago#10
I am expecting to get 3 Flammie because Gumi messed up and added SoM units to the pool.
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  3. What are you expecting with the Premium 10+1 ticket?
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