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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

1 week ago#1
How did you do?

Assuming you're pulling for Aerith or Red XIII this time around, how did it go?

Get what you want? Get what you don't want? Get yet another *insert troll rainbow here* that makes you question your existence?!

Well share your tales of joy or tales of woe here!
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User Info: Beastx16

1 week ago#2
Got 1 Aerith, and 7* Nanaki + 4th Lid, 1st Nyx, Crimson, and Ramza in 1 lap+1 step and 45 tickets. Pretty happy, wanted 7* Aerith but I will UOC if the ffvii premium ticket doesn't get me the second one
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User Info: Janiln

1 week ago#3
Only used tickets; about 14 or so trying to get another Barrett or two. I got a rainbow and thought the game was trolling me since I'm not a big FF7 fanboy. But no, it was trolling me with another Elfreeda. I'm annoyed since I could have used a second Marshall Glove six months ago, but... eh, new 7*, so I can't complain.
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User Info: gilgamesh99

1 week ago#4
5+1 EX, ~20 reg tickets, 8 4-star, 1 10% ticket. 0 Rainbows of any type. Cold streak is alive and kickin' still.

User Info: LordHelios

1 week ago#5
gilgamesh99 posted...
5+1 EX, ~20 reg tickets, 8 4-star, 1 10% ticket. 0 Rainbows of any type. Cold streak is alive and kickin' still.

Not here. Just from a few tickets again I got 3rd Luneth (yay to his STMR almost), 9th Olive lol but her 2nd STMR can come in handy and 1st Aerith from ticket.
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User Info: pachinpu

1 week ago#6
1 lap of step-up, extra step for the FFVII 5* ticket, and about 30 tickets got me 3 Nanaki and 1 Aerith, plus a bunch of off-banner rainbows :| Not sure if I'm gonna chase the second Aerith yet.
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User Info: Da1N02

1 week ago#7
1 step up and 12 tickets nabbed me 1 Nanaki and 3 Aerith

Deciding whether I want to do the extra step for the 5* ticket today or after we get next week's news

I definitely want to try for Aerith STMR and 7* Nanaki

Honorable mention: Also got a 2nd Aranea so 7* it is lol
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User Info: Nylarx

1 week ago#8
Cait Sith: "Hey you!! What're you lookin' so down for!?"

Because I pulled you! :/

User Info: IdTheDestroyer

1 week ago#9
1 full step up, 2x5+1 tickets, about 7x rare tix, 8x4* tix and 2x10% 5* tix got me 1 Aerith, 1st Sieghard, 1st Ignis, 2nd Veritas of light. Gonna do the 1st step again for that 30% ticket in a bit.
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User Info: uwnim

1 week ago#10
Already have a ton of barrets, and don’t feel the need for a newer healer yet, so not pulling.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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