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  3. Looking for friends. Lv. 100 Sephiroth 495 atk

User Info: Tasched

1 month ago#1
Title. Friend's list is very empty and needs to be filled.

User Info: PostModernMartr

1 month ago#2
907 598 812
FFBE: Malhavic Lead: Bonus or ask me.

User Info: lostdragon

1 month ago#3
928 405 836

User Info: Da1N02

1 month ago#4
I got an open slot for you.

ID in sig
FFBE GL (IGN: Mamba) ID: 079,315,266 - I play FFBE for fun and NOT for META - PM me if you need specific friend units

User Info: PrinceOfHot

1 month ago#5
Save the newb! Get a few people here and you will be able to beat everything in the game's campaign, beautifully!
PSN- SuperMarioPsycho

User Info: Seifer05

1 month ago#6
853 245 713
IGN: Seifer GL-096 708 413
7*: Akstar, Zeno, Sephiroth, Hyoh, Khloud, Cloud, Squall, Wilhelm, A Rain, WKN, Ayaka, Folka, Sora, A2, 2B, Tidus, Jecht,

User Info: Chipofthehead

1 month ago#7
Add me if you like tc, I've got a Sephiroth in my event 1 tab who'll chain nicely with yours.

Id is in my sig.
FFBE friend code 926.356.122 username is Chip-ed.

User Info: Swez_pez

1 month ago#8
You can add me too!
FFBE - Esther, Ultima and more! - 414525354

User Info: azure hawk

azure hawk
1 month ago#9
You can add me too. 937,234,923
'Hakuna Matata translates into "Up Yours" in Swahili.' - Mad magazine

User Info: Armiger

1 month ago#10
2b is the best waifu.
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  3. Looking for friends. Lv. 100 Sephiroth 495 atk
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