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  3. After enhancements, Sephiroth is better with TDH or DH?

User Info: Hitori_Roku

3 weeks ago#51
ShadowGirlxox posted...
Hitori_Roku posted...
ShadowGirlxox posted...
Hitori_Roku posted...
<tdw meta consist of 2 elements (6x chain and 200% equipment attack) and zeno only has it selfishly.

no other tdw units have what zeno has, so can you actually speak of a tdw meta when only 1 unit has both elements to make tdw actually meta?

Someone has to be first. Are you going to take the 10th unit with 6x chain and 200% equip atk and say TDW meta started with them? lol

being the first to have it doesn't mean it started the meta, because the current meta has not shifted to true dual wield

and when it does shift who will have started it? The first unit to have TDW or a unit who contributed nothing that wasn't already in the game before them?

the shift started when we get tmr's and buffs that help dual wield builds. so a general buff with 200% equipment attack when dual wielding and lightning and bartz tmrs

untill then there is no tdw meta when true double hand is still the to go build

examples are sephiroth, cg cid and sora, who can be built either way. but building them tdw right now is weaker than their tdh build. so that means that the current meta hasn't shifted to tdw when tdh is still winning out

zeno is meta and he is the global's pioneer of true dualwield but he alone doesn't make true dual wield builds in general better for anyone else

User Info: Ricemills

3 weeks ago#52
oh my God.

nobody f***ing cares who started it! get a better subject for debate please.

inb4 people saying they care just for spite.
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User Info: gdawe14

3 weeks ago#53
I'm pretty sure if you do a poll...most people are going to say the TDW meta has not started just yet...but that is just the general consensus I get from other posts/threads

I don't think TDW starts with just 1 unit...it starts when everything comes together and it starts to replace TDH in damage...you need more than 1 outlier unit to do this

It should start when the TDW cap is raised globally, we have enough equip/materia to hit the cap and the mod increase is introduced...at that point you will see a change in how most units are built

Just my thoughts
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  2. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  3. After enhancements, Sephiroth is better with TDH or DH?
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