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User Info: Laws_of_Woo

4 weeks ago#11
We have an idea of how he'll be. His GL enhancements are better than his JP counterpart, which were already very good. Until we get numbers though, we can't say for sure. Most likely around Akstar level. I doubt he'll be quite as strong as Esther or Zeno...but still more than enough for all content.
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User Info: LordHelios

4 weeks ago#12
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Nowhere near Esther and Zeno. Closer to Akstar, but still not to his level.
Sephiroth has kind of an unreliable triple unlock since it's tied to counters and/or his cooldown which is only available on turn 5. Still, he'll be good against enemies weak to light or dark.

One of his abilities unlocks it for (3?) turns. No CD (I didn't think) or anything.

tragic end is his cd skill that is available on turn 5

So, he can T-cast for 3 turns every 5 turns?

While it says 3 turns it counts the turn you use Tragic End so realistically it's T-cast for 2 turns every 5 turns.

Damn I was hoping for a little more out of him.

Yup. He's a pleb that Sephy. The thing that's ended tragically is he HIMSELF lol.

That's really a TRAGIC END 🤡
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