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User Info: ahriman505

4 weeks ago#11
I like a good mix of units on my list but I don't really care what other people put up. If I absolutely need something specific I'm sure people on here will help with that.

As far as units I put up go, if I don't have a good bonus unit I'll usually just throw up my Tiana for no other reason than I like that klutz.
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User Info: Chipofthehead

4 weeks ago#12
I try to put up what i think people could use, I have no Easter units to share so I've got a zargabaath up atm that can solo eggstinction lgd.
Usually I'll share a unit setup for a trial or at least a unit with enough immunities to use in a trial.
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User Info: jaciel01

4 weeks ago#13
Voted for utility, like Lotus Fina with the Summer Whip and then read the rest of the post lol, thank you. With all the enrgy consuming running events I couldn't find time (and energy) for trials really, but I appreciate your Fina!. After dealing with the pain of knowing that Akstar is nowhere to be seen and lapis burning a hole in my pockets I did one lap of the easter event yesterday and got 3 Sylvie and 1 Esther (f***) so at least I have a new support to try neo Gilg on the near future.

About the friend list I dont mind a mix of units and RARE, hard to get stuff like the Summer Whip which is a neccesity for us f2plgbt that have to deal with neo Gilg without Cid.
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User Info: Chocobot

4 weeks ago#14
A variety, all of the above. As long as you're trying it's good.

Examples of not trying:
50% bonus unit from an event 3 months ago
Unequipped unleveled tmr farming unit
No esper equipped

Not that I unfriend anyone for that, but it does about me a little.

User Info: Sigs_Minock

4 weeks ago#15
I don't particularly care about who my friend unit it. i'll find some use for them. just as long as it's a useful unit or a suitable bonus unit.
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