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User Info: Lazy_Haar

3 days ago#1
Guess I'll make this topic in case anyone else decides to take a chance on these summons. I did both of the available pulls (down to 20,000 lapis, but I'll have enough even if they actually release Akstar next month) and ended up with:

Balthier (second copy)
Aloha Laswell

Not exactly excited over the results, but I guess the latter has a decent TMR... that I really wish I could've had six months ago. I went ahead and moogled it since I have plenty, but it almost feels like a hollow victory when I know better TDW equipment is somewhat on the horizon. My Raegen will enjoy it as long as he can, at least.

Good luck to the rest of you if you take the plunge.
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User Info: salpetriere

3 days ago#2
I probably would've pulled if I hadn't spent 20k or so on the Xenogears banner, but as it is, I'm saving.
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User Info: Reaper_ExE

3 days ago#3
Needed cactuars

Got my first Yuna
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

3 days ago#4
I only have 10k left, but these have the highest value for pulls of anything available in the game as of now and probably for awhile. The more baited I get the more likely Akstar is of getting UoC'd. And i just get the best Katana in the game too. :\
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User Info: Verjax

3 days ago#5
Summoned once (down to 1.5k, don't plan to pull for Akstar).

Got 2nd Shadow Lord, and 2nd Nalu.

User Info: c_sunset

3 days ago#6
Pulled a 2nd yuraisha. Not sure how i feel about that, seems good but i dont think i need her..
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User Info: Paradox52525

3 days ago#7
Did both.
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User Info: Fukenog

3 days ago#8
Noctis #3. Just one more for his STMR. Might do the second one as well.
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User Info: PotatoKey

3 days ago#9
Ahh Gumi... everyone thought we were getting the Easter event this week and most people hoped for info on the new units before pulling on the 5k guaranteed rainbow.. now its just a bigger gamble

I could do 2 pulls and still have enough lapis for Akstar step up. But something feels odd and fishy
(edited 3 days ago)
25k lapis on xenogear only net me 1 bart, this banner looks really good for me right now lol

But idk, I only lack mage dps right now, TT sophia ultima on 6*, failed to get elly too... Random 5* wont help me I guess

Anyway, while I wait for sophia prism on coin shop who is the next hot mage dps?
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