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  3. Karlotte vs. Fryevia, Kurasame, and Kunshira

User Info: Tenaku

4 weeks ago#1
I just pulled Karlotte from half pull. Lucky me! But I'm considering where to move forward with her, as well as my other hybrid attackers and chainers.

Fryevia and Kurasame are both at 6*, but I'm not compelled to get them to 7* because I have enough DV chainers besides Fry, and not a lot of partners for Kurasame.

My only hybrid chainer at 7* is Kunshira. She's been recently enhanced, element chains very well with my 7* Loren, and those two are inseparable in my team.

But Karlotte looks like she has a more impressive attack kit, including 100% imperils, multiple chaining partners, -ja spells + dualcast, and double/triple cast.

I have 25,000 lapis and still haven't pulled from the step up banners yet, some 10% rainbow tickets, and enough UOC tickets for two 5* units. I also have enough TMRs (once I farm them) to build both physical and magic TDH.

So I'm really tempted to pull for another Karlotte. As long as I have my Kunshira/Loren combo, I don't urgently need 7* Karlotte right now. But should I at least spend lapis for her step up banner? I don't expect good results from these 5x rate step ups with no guarantee to get the unit.

User Info: Janiln

4 weeks ago#2
Are you interested in Xenogears or Akstar? If so, I'd suggest waiting for next week to see what the next banner is. The fact that Karlette's banner is only for a week screams "bait." Akstar is pretty much guaranteed to be in the first half of next month too.

If not, go wild.
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User Info: Blingya25

4 weeks ago#3
Yeah, thinking the same, i kind of want Karlette but... y'know, GLEX units... SoM collab...and i can just imagine Randi getting AR and Stardust Chain.... PHYSICAL CHAOS WAVE CHAIN??!!? xD
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