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User Info: Tron64

1 month ago#1
I suppose this topics will become very relevant in a day and half as we have Cid available either as an own unit or a friend unit who can potentially one shot Neo Gilgamesh with a high end roll on jump damage.

My current plan is to imbue water with MS Nichol and Imperil with Lulu. Or alternatively my BS Sakura for imbue and a fr. Barb for 120% imperil but this will dependent on the availability of fr. unit and I don't have control over fr. unit's equip setup. If fr. unit barb is equipped with summer whip, that would be perfect though.

MS Nichol/Lulu setup for me at least require one less core unit and the additional slot can be filled with VoF for 50% extra Man Eater so damage wise both setup will probably be pretty close.

At any rate, it'll require at a minimum 100% imperil and high end roll for jump damage for my own Cid to have chance at one shotting.

Units that can imperil is listed on https://exvius.gamepedia.com/Category:Elements but I cannot seem to find an easily accessible list for units that does imbue. MS/SS Nichol, Emperor Shera, BS Sakura comes to my mind when I think about it.

Can someone suggest a comprehensive list of imbuing units?

User Info: LordBurl

1 month ago#2
It seems like this question pops up once every week or two, it would be nice if we could get a sticky thread with a comprehensive list of imbuers at this point. Ignis can imbue fire, lightning, or ice, and can DC his imbues (all his imbues are behind CD's or setup moves though, so it is a two turn process).
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User Info: Verjax

1 month ago#3
From a quick google search:
- Ignis (fire, ice, and lightning), but needs to use abilities to unlock.
- Ignacio can imbue fire.
- Christine can imbue ice.
- Desch can imbue lightning.
- CK Ariana can imbue water.
- Summer lid can gamble to imbue water.
- Forelsket can imbue wind and lightning, but needs setup.

In the future;
- Swimsuit Fina & Lid can imbue water to all allies/
- https://exvius.gg/jp/units/213001105/ can imbue lightning with a spell.

User Info: naiah

1 month ago#4
Verjax posted...
- Desch can imbue lightning.

cg sakura can too
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User Info: axtelix

1 month ago#6

ma boi Bart can imbue 4 different element 😎😎
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User Info: Da1N02

1 month ago#7
Just want to mention that Lotti can imbue all elements with the con that it can target random allies
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User Info: moot_sg

1 month ago#8
Emperor Shera imbues Fire too. Pretty much sums up his appeal.
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User Info: koranthus

1 month ago#9
If you’re desperate, Craftsman Secret Book (verun tmr) can give self-imbue for 3 elements

User Info: Tron64

1 month ago#10
koranthus posted...
If you’re desperate, Craftsman Secret Book (verun tmr) can give self-imbue for 3 elements

Good point. Bomb Arms can imbue fire as well.

Those are not viable for solo Cid setup for now as Cid will need to have max dps setup as well as a lucky roll on damage variance to have a chance to one shot Gilgamesh Kai but in the future with enhancement those will work as well I suppose.
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