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User Info: salpetriere

1 month ago#1
50% bonus unit as friend? - Results (90 votes)
21.11% (19 votes)
60% (54 votes)
Yay, but only for the first week, ey
18.89% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Normally 50% bonus units are the pariah of bonus units, but for banners like these where no one’ll really pull, would you like for people to put them up none the less?

Every bit helps, I guess, and I’m foreseeing this KM will be pretty barren when it comes to bonus units.

To ease discussion, here are a few conversational starters: how was your day? What are you having for dinner?

Merry weekend people.
Taste the happy, Michael!

User Info: LordBurl

1 month ago#2
I would take anything the first week, as it is likely there will be few bonus units on my friends list for this event.
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User Info: pachinpu

1 month ago#3
I have Doga and was wondering if he should be up, given the reactions you get sometimes when you have anything under 100% up.
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User Info: thrillee

1 month ago#4
I say bonus with some utility like Apollo's Harp or world destroyer, so they can at least have something to do.
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User Info: mlieu2010

1 month ago#5
I put my doga up as my leader. It is not potted or given my best equipment
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User Info: Alchemist884

1 month ago#6
At least put pod on your 3*/4* bonus units so we can chain with ours.

User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#7
Seeing how currently most of my friends aren't using a bonus units, I will take any bonuses I can used!

User Info: Bredbedl

1 month ago#8
I put up a max level Doga. Maxed him so I can clear with Quake chains.

/ and I'm drowning in cacti and gil
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User Info: Ricemills

1 month ago#9
a 50% bonus is more valuable than 0%.
voted yes because i already cleared all trials anyway.
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User Info: HarmoniousTerra

1 month ago#10
Nope. Almost got all I wanted again LMAO with 4 Doga's and my 2814 ATK Sora max potted can solo everything easily. No need for the DKL or ONR units as they suck anyways except their tmr and strm but I'll get those eventually.

Got the 30k moogle, all burst pots, 70k 5* guaranteed ticket which netted me a 3rd Machina. Guess I am close to another high ATK katana which isn't bad. Just got Zantetsuken from CG Lasswell as well ( pun intended ^^ ) and got the exclusive items as well as all 10 regular tickets en 4* tickets too.

Will farm the rest later. Been doing LGD with lots of death angel bonus mobs lol. Been doing well.
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