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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

2 months ago#1
How prepared are YOU? - Results (103 votes)
18.45% (19 votes)
Some of the 1st milestones
12.62% (13 votes)
All of the 1st milestones
12.62% (13 votes)
Some of the 2nd Milestones
37.86% (39 votes)
You will worship me as though I were a god! (All milestones)
10.68% (11 votes)
I'm too sexy for parameter missions...
7.77% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The parameter missions will give us rewards for reaching certain stats. There are two milestones to reach per stat.


With Gumi set to release Expert and Parameters "soon" (I think the very soonest is after all 5* bases have 7* awakenings) what is your progress with the parameter missions?

I myself am all set for the first milestones of each of these. I equipped Gladdy Daddy with EVERYTHING (HP) I GOT and he was about 25k HP... need... more!
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User Info: Belialkk

2 months ago#2
I can do all but the 2nd SPR and ATK missions. Yay!
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User Info: UnseenChaos

2 months ago#3
Kind of annoyed.... with the new stupid parameters, I’ll need a 4th Fry to reach the second milestone in MAG, or... wait for it... MY FIRST f***ING MAGNA. Do I sound angry?!

Right now, my Viktor is sitting at 1668 DEF fully potted. Which is, of course, more than sufficient for the old parameter. Haha hahahah HAHAHAHAHA!
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User Info: DerDoDo

2 months ago#4
So, they increased the limits for the same rewards in jp? As in, you can work towards them and then we give you the middle finger and up the bar?

Sounds like a very smart move...not. Especially for F2Ps that actually do normally need more time for stuff like this.

That being said I think I can do most if them, depending on which limit we be coming over to us, the old or the new one.
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User Info: JI_Joe

2 months ago#5
I can definitely reach all of the 1st miletones without too much hassle.

As for the 2nd milestones... I already have a couple ready, but I'll definitely have to work or even wait for better units for most of them.
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User Info: ShadedOne

2 months ago#6
The only ones I'm not sure I can hit are the mp 2nd milestone and maybe the hp 2nd milestone. I should technically have the gear for everything else, though Spr and mag are the only ones I've fully built (my Christine was at 2250 mag, and my Eiko was sitting around 1900 spr before I gave her more esper damage).

User Info: FruitTella94

2 months ago#7
Belialkk posted...
I can do all but the 2nd SPR and ATK missions. Yay!

Awaken 100 units to 7* too?

User Info: ckross144

2 months ago#8
Can do a few tier 2s.

I really hope they change or buff the magic one to something that benefits hybrids. Fry is the unit I'll clear the mag mission with and she doesnt benefit from it.
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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

2 months ago#9
Whenever CG NIchol gets his awakening I feel like I might have a shot at the second MP one... I guess I just need some better HP% material and stuff for Gladdy... also need like 101 MAG for Fry to get 2200 magic...
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User Info: BarefootX

2 months ago#10
Belialkk posted...
I can do all but the 2nd SPR and ATK missions. Yay!

I think those two are probably gonna be the hardest to get for a lot of players, followed by the 2nd MP one.
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