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User Info: Swordsman

2 months ago#1
topic as above ?

how much of a difference worst 7* unit compared with the best 6* unit in the same role ?
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User Info: ahriman505

2 months ago#2
I don't know the exact numbers but the units that come to mind are 7* Marie and 6* Cerius
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User Info: TigerNightmare

2 months ago#3
6* Marie or Minfilia are better than 6* Cerius.

User Info: salpetriere

2 months ago#4
Marie is hardly the worst 7* unit.
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User Info: jaciel01

2 months ago#5
Worst 7*? Lightning probably. And Tidus, they never got any use. Even Delita saw some use with his 65% def/spr breaks before we got Loren. I used Delita as breaker and support for Odin 3* but Tidus sadly sucks with his quick hit frames. People barely used him.

About 7* and 6* comparison for example 6* Sephirot and Orlandu were way better and even stronger than a 7* Lightning and Tidus. Reliable chaining is important.
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User Info: Belialkk

2 months ago#6
Katy Perry.
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User Info: JI_Joe

2 months ago#7
ahriman505 posted...
I don't know the exact numbers but the units that come to mind are 7* Marie and 6* Cerius

TigerNightmare posted...
6* Marie or Minfilia are better than 6* Cerius.

Whoaaa there buddies.

Marie is easily the most game-changing support for her 1-turn 'brace for impact' AoE buff.
Being able to provide such a high defensive buff for the entire party, guaranteed to being able to survive even the harshest of nukes.

Plus, her doublecasting 70% elemental resists for the party is nothing to overlook. Most magic tanks survive due to high element resists, qnd her being an option to increase it further accentuates her usage.

Also, being able to provide full status immunity for the party is incredibly usefull. Not so much for the long time players who are all wearing Ribbons or equivalents, but for new and mid players, she's a blessing. Not everyone has A.Rain or Mystea to do this, nor are they always able to use this the first turn which would be a gamble between using that or magic cover.

In the near future, many magic tanks will be able to survive mainly due to elemental resistances. I dare say Marie will find more use again quickly.
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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

2 months ago#8
It's hard to say really, but I sorta feel like Delita is. He can W-ability def/spr break, and while he can chain with himself or Ramza, it seems pretty situational.

He can do -120% dark resist though, so he surely has a niche use.
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User Info: Hitori_Roku

2 months ago#9
Belialkk posted...
Katy Perry.

User Info: ShadowGirlxox

2 months ago#10
Shadow Lord is worst 7*, he has some weak finishing skills that require unlocking and also drain his own hp. Even 4* like Zile can do almost as much damage.
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