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User Info: Irony

1 month ago#21
Nature Loving Spellblade is better
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User Info: UnseenChaos

1 month ago#22
TheBannedRaven posted...
And I don;t mean to be even the slightest bit rude, but my 4th comment mentioned I've yet to pull a Kunshira ='(
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User Info: BarefootX

1 month ago#23
TheBannedRaven posted...
I have Ring of Lucil on her, working on the robe. I meant as in the abilities to add, I don't have a lot of magic enhancing ones. Sorry for the confusion.

I have her equipped with Death Trap as her 2nd weapon, and Hell. I haven't even drawn one Kunshira yet. Or a single Prishe. Driving me nuts!

FYI: Ring of the Lucii is not her best accessory if you're going for the most atk/mag. That's a common mistake people make. Even the Omega Medal is better than RoL on Fryevia. You want flat stat accessories on her, not ones that boost by a percentage due to her innate TDH passives.

Yes, RoL will give extra evade, so of you want that over higher stats then go with RoL.
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User Info: Tenaku

1 month ago#24
Basically for any hybrid DPS, it goes like this:

High ATK/MAG > high MAG > high ATK

Some have said that if you can gain more ATK than you lose MAG, the results are still better. For example, Adventurer V (ATK/MAG +40%) is better than just one more Letters And Arms (MAG +50%). But otherwise, the idea is to keep the MAG high.

User Info: DRiccs

1 month ago#25
No. That's 1 quick answer XD
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User Info: TigerNightmare

1 month ago#26
I played with the builder. The first one was put together by me, the second is an auto-build with dual wield, and the third is an auto-build with forced doublehand. The third is the best one.

While the second build has the best stats and most general hybrid damage, it does worse Frost Flower Blitz damage (or other hybrid skills) than the other builds. Noteworthy is that singlecasting Frost Flower Blitz with this build does more damage than when it doublecasts it, so this is viable if you have all these STMRs lying around and you prefer using less MP over a dedicated MP battery.
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