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User Info: Otsch

6 days ago#11
Ps-online-id: Otsch8888/ FFBE: 419,674,055 lead Orlandeau/Fryevia/Event units
TheBannedRaven posted...
I'm one UoC ticket away from picking, but I cannot see whos there.

User Info: TheBannedRaven

6 days ago#13
Have Adv 5 for sure, and as always appreciate the the help. And I don;t mean to be even the slightest bit rude, but my 4th comment mentioned I've yet to pull a Kunshira ='(
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One more thing: I highly recommend using Fenrir as your esper for most cases where you don't need killer passives. You get almost as much ATK as MAG. I use this build:

Dark and the +40 MAG next to it don't do anything, but it's leftover SP and it might be useful when you need to use dark damage for a mission.

User Info: TheBannedRaven

6 days ago#15
Fenrir is whom I use. Looking up a good 3* fight strategy to use when I get home. Hoping it's an easy one and not a gimmick fight.
((FFBE-318,206,535)) ((PSN VinJam24)) Discord Morningstar #3954 FFRK DIvine Veil Grimoire gZFP

User Info: Rhyten

6 days ago#16
Building her MAG is easier than her ATK. I think it's best to build her depending on the enemies DEF / SPR.
For example, I went to Mad Doll with 800 ATK and 1800 MAG, I could not one shot her with DC Aurora Storm chain.
Tried again with 1200 ATK and 1200 MAG, now I could not one shot the small dolls.
I went back with 1100 ATK and 1300 MAG, this time it all worked good.
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For Fenrir, I had Nyx use Warp Charge and Kingsglaive for break and imperil, Ace for Summon Eidolon, Trance Terras for damage and anyone to summon Phoenix. It has a lot of HP, but any significant fire or holy chains will wreck it in one turn with breaks and imperils.

User Info: ckross144

6 days ago#18
Omega medal (and Iceblade hilt) are both better for Fry than RoL thanks to all the innate TDH she has.
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User Info: UnseenChaos

6 days ago#19
If you don’t have Kunshira or other 40% ATK & MAG materia (if there are any other sources right now), definitely fill the other slots with L&A and Magna’s TMR (or equivalent).
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(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: tesla1337

6 days ago#20
Use Adv V, Kunishira TMR, Kaliva TMR, Magna TMR (if Fry is 7*)
IGN: Tesla
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