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12-3* ex
1st step

Got 2x Barrett, Vincent and emperor#2. Was hoping for Tifa but I'm happy with Vincent for now.

User Info: Irony

1 week ago#12
1 Cait Sith
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User Info: UnseenChaos

1 week ago#13
For the first time in, like, a year (probably longer), I got the unit I wanted with just the KM tickets. Soooo happy the rainbow was Vincent and not Tifa.

I think I’ll do one lap of the step up for the lulz because I have a long time to save for CG Lightning. Gotta wait for the daily lapis rewards though.
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User Info: xero549

1 week ago#14
15 tickets.

One Tifa (wish it was Vincent)
2 Berret
2 Cait Sith
Other wise I don't remember. I'm done lol.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

1 week ago#15
Out of maybe 8 tickets from MK, only got 1 barret and 1 Cait sith
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User Info: Renkencen

1 week ago#16
Daily got me Barret and using 10 rare summon tickets DIDN'T get me Cait Smith!

I mean I was only wanted to get those two for bonuses but I realise using anymore tickets for a 3* is ridiclous in more ways than one!

User Info: pineappaul

1 week ago#17
Just used the last MK 3k rare ticket




User Info: Two-Face

1 week ago#18
Got a Tifa when I was using some tickets to get bonus units, so I'd say it went well.
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User Info: MasterDBater

1 week ago#19
Terrible. I’ll just have to grin and Barret.
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User Info: Mike_Metallix

1 week ago#20
1 Tifa in a full Lap of the Step-Up and then got my 2nd in about 40 Normal Tickets I think.

So still have 34 4* Tickets and 15K Lapis left for the next big thing~

Until I clear out the Tickets in the KM Shop and then I'll have even more~
(edited 1 week ago)
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  3. How'd your FFVII pulls go?