1 week ago #1
    I made it out with... 1 Tifa... Need to hope on King Mog tickets, before I delve into Lapis (might do dailies again)

    In order of how pulled:
    15x EX tickets (1x 4*) Got nothing
    2x 10+1 got me Marie (2nd)
    5* 10+1 got Atoning Dragon Kain (First) Not mad about this one, 100% TMR'd his Helm, took Lenneth's attack up around 80 points and put her over 2k :)
    14 Rare summons got nothing
    9x 4* Tickets is where I got Tifa
    10% Rainbow ticket dropped a rainbow... I was hoping it was Tifa, but it was just Marie (3rd) uber sadface :( lol

    How did the rest of you do? I did pretty good on "bonus units" (which most will be pulling for), Can run Lenneth, Tifa, and 3x Barret! (Well, hopefully Lenneth can carry lol)
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