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User Info: Morose-Sadness

3 months ago#61
FC: 918,134,324
IGN: Daedalus

Would greatly appreciate! I'm a hardcore daily player and can assist with almost any character as a carry.
FFBE: 918,134,324 IGN: Daedalus
Daily. Event/BiS Fry 15kA&M / eOldmandeau / Tidus 23k or tdhFD / TT 15k / Full Evade WoL/Noct/Aya / Max mag/elem res Mirror

User Info: blackJR

3 months ago#62
IGN :blackJR
ID: 954374793
Wish to get it thanks :)

User Info: The_Sol_Blader

3 months ago#63
TC has been gone for 3000 years :c
Official Matador of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: Worse_Name_Ever

3 months ago#64
I have doubts, but if this really is true, i’d also love your generosity

ID 397-406-351

User Info: burnzzz

3 months ago#65

564 945 664 it would make my week if i could get hooked up or added at least .. peace and thanks .

User Info: Reaper_ExE

3 months ago#66
Bit late to the party, Still possible to get?

My ID is in sig
"I fight.... FOR THE USERS!"
PSN = Ace_ExE85, XBL = Ace Program, FFBE = Reaper - 573887626, SOA = Reaper.ExE - NVN73QVRQJ, Dx2 = Reaper - GXDMVQYX

User Info: kalvinang

3 months ago#67
王者令 019.565.092
Really?! Thank man.
Sorry for the chinese name

User Info: FFdora

3 months ago#68
mw too pls😁
FF BE ingame ID Dora 527.569.044

User Info: Kaitain19

3 months ago#69
ID : 773363483
Name : Yunsar
(message deleted)
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  3. Aurora Fryevia ? Who wants?
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