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  3. Aurora Fryevia ? Who wants?

User Info: Spanion01

3 months ago#11
That's very generous of you OP. A. Freyvia would be so amazing to have :D

ID: 077,823,012
IGN: Remedy

User Info: p3pdrake

3 months ago#12
damn I shoulda just said my ID is in my sig haha

but yeah my ID is in my sig :D
FFBE IGN: Ken - 685 742 098
FFRK - (Elarra USB) SVp6

User Info: 145ty

3 months ago#13
Just a heads up anyone below this post I can't consider. I've picked two, will try to get them tickets and randomly pick another if I'm able.

User Info: the9OO

3 months ago#14
Hope you saw my PM bro!

User Info: GenesisK

3 months ago#15
Me and a buddy of mine would be eternally grateful if you could help us out also


and his-828785333

ty very much
Keep pretending lag switching isn't a thing...

User Info: triansyah

3 months ago#16
hi my ID is in my sig
my IGN : yagami
thank you for doing this for us OPZ
PSN ID : triansyah
FFBE : 302,999,640

User Info: Trevorsaxium

3 months ago#17
ID in sig
ffbe Trev: 953,591,525 kurasame 1941 atk 604 mag

User Info: madjinn007

3 months ago#18
im an old gfaq guy hope u enjoy festa

id 456 605 332

game name madjinn

User Info: 1stborn

3 months ago#19
I will give you 15 dollars
FFBE ID 260 512 497

User Info: AsianSuperman

3 months ago#20
Hey TC. Really nice of you but, what exactly are you doing?
Proud finalist along with my wife at the 2017 FF Brave Exvius NYC Fan Festa.
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