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  3. Who did you use your UoC on?

User Info: Torr

3 months ago#81
CarbonButtflap posted...
Torr posted...

That's pretty much how I do it too..... I dont even care.

I have to care, kids are expensive and besides thats $40 that could go toward a 1/8th

Priorities man

I quit smoking weed about 8 years ago.... I like being sober and having a clear mind more, lol.

It was actually one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I was such a pothead.
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User Info: SSJPabs

3 months ago#82
Holding it. Was thinking about a Raegan or Loren but I pulled dupes of both. Dupe Sakura might be nice for imbue but I think I'll hold off until I need it.
Too stupid to be BAF2P(BTW)
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User Info: DRiccs

3 months ago#83
I'll use it eventually on Ayaka, probably next year
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User Info: salpetriere

3 months ago#84
Torr posted...
Randomx posted...
I still haven't used any. And knowing me i probably never will.

Lol, constantly hoarding for the future, but the future never ends.

A vicious cycle.

Yeah, this is me. Still haven’t touched my UoCs.
Taste the happy, Michael!
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  3. Who did you use your UoC on?
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