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  3. Who did you use your UoC on?

User Info: MT_TRAEH

3 months ago#11
bye guys! thanks for all the help :)
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User Info: axtelix

3 months ago#12
For this month, If Yuraisha really comes, probably for her

But let see what kind of banner that she will get later on
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User Info: WilliamDS

3 months ago#13
Beryl because tonberry...

Dont care about meta so eh
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User Info: thrillee

3 months ago#14
I still keeping mine, I pull for units I like (sprite or character wise). I'm doing fine with what I've got.
When in doubt, bring a Ling.
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User Info: Elbuster91

3 months ago#15
Gonna use my on a second Raegen when his 7 star comes out cause he is best Dad dont @ me on this

User Info: MAZZ0Murder

3 months ago#16
Well I have enough for two Akstars now... if we complete a third set before him I'll likely use it to get Kurasame if I haven't gotten him by then.
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User Info: Sylverce

3 months ago#17
Saving them currently. Haven't grabbed my new ticket yet, but will later today/tomorrow at the latest. Saving it for Lulu so I have 7* Tidus/Yuna/Lulu when they finally come around, though obviously if I happen to randomly pull my second one, save it for longer. Don't plan on using another until Auron, and if we have another by then or things just happen to work out for me, I'll start throwing them at fun units. Thinking maybe Balthier, Folka, Gabranth, Jecht, Kurasame, and Seabreeze Dark Fina. Characters I like or people who chain with characters I like. Don't know too much about who's coming in the future, so maybe I'll save for others down the road.

User Info: ksuwdboots

3 months ago#18
2nd Awakened Rain. I'll be able to 7* Basch, but I was tired of waiting on him/not having a 7* tank. No regrets.

Not sure what I'll use the second set of 10 on. Contenders are Loren, Wilhelm, and Sephiroth as I just have 1 of each currently.
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User Info: DarkVeritas217

3 months ago#19
saving just like the first set.

eventually i will use them but nothing needed atm
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User Info: AsuraNinja

3 months ago#20
Huh im still at 19 wtf did i miss o_o
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  3. Who did you use your UoC on?
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