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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

2 months ago#1
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FFBE denied me Yuna... FFBE must die...

User Info: les4metal

2 months ago#2

I’m so glad I’m going to Fan Festa.
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

2 months ago#3
This is what normal Fryevia should have been. Nice list of chaining partners too.

edit: Old Fryevia is updated with new skill too!

Aurora Storm: Ice and light hybrid damage (15x) to all enemies (Chaining: Disorder)
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User Info: MT_TRAEH

2 months ago#4
Flash - DazzleHybrid damage (9x) to one enemy
Inflict blind and confuse (30%) to all enemies
Chaining Onion Slice

Flash - Endless PunishmentHybrid damage (5.5x) to all enemies
Chaining Aureole Ray

Flash - Furious RadianceLight hybrid damage (12x) to one enemy
Decrease light resistance (100%) for 3 turns to one enemy
Chaining Divine Ruination

they made sure people regret not going to fan festa :)
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User Info: jpridgen0

2 months ago#5
Lmao, ok let me state on record, that it's an automatic "F you" to anyone going to fan festa. I hate you all.

She looks pretty damn good.

Edit: Yes, I'm very jealous of you west coast motherf***ers!
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User Info: CoolMyth

2 months ago#6
My stomach churns on those skills and the chaining families she is part of.

Bye Oldman. Bye many other dps. You can retire now.
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User Info: TheseJeans

2 months ago#7
Damn she blows Fryevia out of the water.
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User Info: Hitori_Roku

2 months ago#8
no offence to what all of the people said how good she is, but she is good but actually not that great

low hybrid mods except on her divine ruination skill, which is 14x after her passive kicks in. regular fryevia has a 12x mod

kurasame has a 24x hybrid mods that is pretty much always available.

aurora is only a slight upgrade over fryevia in damage but has more chaining partners in expense of mediocre mods

User Info: DanteiTheLast

2 months ago#9
Holy mother crap!! 15x chain with old Fryevia! I know it's Hybrid but still, it's so beautiful! Definetely UoC on her.
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User Info: The_Sol_Blader

2 months ago#10
I don't really care about her as a unit but dang, that unit entry reeks of mary sue lol
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