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User Info: ellis123

5 months ago#11
MT_TRAEH posted...
ellis123 posted...
MT_TRAEH posted...
there's a 40% mag materia from the chamber of indignant as well

Hmm? Which one? There's one later but the only one that gives one right now only gives +30%.

And you really need to get on potting your Mag, MRW. Using that build with pots raises her Mag to 1348 before Espers factor in. With Ramuh she makes it all the way to 1428.

Otherwise Timothy's Hat or the current 4*'s hat are a great way to boost your Mag considerably. The latter is a great one to pull for as the hat is also exceptionally good on your tank and comes with free moogles (which are all ALL if you use 4* tickets). Dream Maiden's Oracle is also awful and flat out anything beats it. Heck, you could even use danky trial stuff like Hat Arts and *still* be ahead.

sorry it was the torturous trio lol, that fight didnt stick with me coz of the escape trick

Ah, okay then. Yes, that one has a +40% Mag materia.

MRW1215 posted...
And she's at 1258 MAG (with the esper). That's definitely a step up, heh. I'll work on some of those trials I haven't done to get her more stuff. Which trials/ gear should I prioritize for now to add to swap with my current build?

Frankly you'd be better with your Letters and Arms route than with your Draco Spike + Mag+30% but whatever. ~.~

Either way grabbing Death Trap from Drace would be the best for you as you could then take advantage of the Letters and Arms without having to use the pretty weak Lumiere. Similarly replacing your hat with any of the mentioned hats would be a pretty notable improvement. After that you're really only looking at 5* base TMRs for real improvements outside of maybe switching more to L&A/40% Mag materias until you cap that out.
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User Info: macavele

5 months ago#12
More L&A for the 50% boost?

Draco Spike (enhanced)
Creepy Mask
Siren's Robe
Ring of the Lucii

Dual Wield
Rod Mastery
2x L&A

1183 and Shiva isn't done, terra is only 113 and not fully potted, with bad gear cause I don't farm lol
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User Info: XanthielX

5 months ago#13
TT has innate 130% mag passives, if TC is gonna use Genji that's 140%, so 4x40% abilities will cap her out, plus he has Rod Mastery so one of those 40%s can be replaced with a 30%, therefore the higher mag from a rod is better

That's before Item World too, with ~15% per rod from IW (what I'd call an average roll) you only need 130% from abilities: either 50%/30%/30%/20%, or 50%/40%/40%/killer

L&A has no place on TT until 400%, and even then you probably need a Frydle to make it worthwhile over even 30%
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User Info: TigerNightmare

5 months ago#14
Why has no one recommended the builder yet?


Based on your stuff, I made a few changes: http://ffbeEquip.com/builder.html?server=GL#ce13c800-be89-11e8-8ecd-571510623095
Dual Wield + Mystic Sash gives 6 more MAG than Genji Glove + Hat Arts. Even better if you have Christine or White Noel's TMR. Still a ways to go from here.
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