How did your Hyoh pulls go?

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  3. How did your Hyoh pulls go?
I don't care a huge amount of Hyoh, so I didn't drop much.
3k Lapis on the 11k Stepup, nothing but blues / guaranteed
Then was going to drop my 7 rare tickets (saving my 8 4*), and 3 tickets in a rainbow drops and Hyoh.
Don't think I'll get another in 4 more tickets so I'm saving the rest lol.

UoC Hyoh when applicable, or Trance Terra?

Anyways, hope you all get what you're looking for, whether it's Hyoh or Awakened Rain on the 25k stepup!
How did your pulls go?
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User Info: Entropical

1 week ago#2
I pulled two Hyoh without using my entire stash, so... Yay?
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User Info: Sinamoi

1 week ago#3
Hyoh has two step ups, Trance Terra will have some gross batch banner, she'll be the more difficult pull. If you want a second Hyoh use your Lapis, UoC is very valuable.

User Info: WreakHavoc

1 week ago#4
6 tickets.


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User Info: _Data_Drain_

1 week ago#5
Well, I so far used all my 4* Tickets. And not a single rainbow.

I'm also trying to decide which Step Up to do.... Should I somehow scrap up 4000 Lapis? Or should I settle for the 11000 Lapis pulls?
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User Info: SSJPabs

1 week ago#6
25k Step-Up.

Cloud #4 add so STMR!!!
A. Rain. THATS the prize I wanted.
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User Info: kingfencer

1 week ago#7
yes.... hoarding worked!
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User Info: Ricemills

1 week ago#8
11k lapis, 3 Hyou.
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User Info: p3pdrake

1 week ago#9
1 from a 30% 5* ticket. And then 2 Hyoh from the last step of the 11k plus a Raegan in it. Shaking from happinessss... I need one more for the STMR but it doesnt seem worth it
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User Info: RedSkies55

1 week ago#10
Went horrible. Did one full lap all blues and ran out of 10 4* and 20+ regular tix without any single bow.
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  3. How did your Hyoh pulls go?

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