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  3. UoC killed it for me I think

User Info: MT_TRAEH

5 months ago#41
i think tc is just suggesting he's better than anyone who wants uoc to be a thing, i guess he is? oh no what do i do?
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User Info: xero549

5 months ago#42
I won't be using mine on ninja boy. I plan to hold on to it for awhile. For what, I don't know. But it will not be him.
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User Info: idadpb

5 months ago#43
Tc, I present you.... The comma: ,

Use it with caution and remember to breath every once in a while ;)
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User Info: Mutedfaithwi60

5 months ago#44
We get the first tickets for free but the rest we'll have to earn over time, so the people working to get all stubs together are the ones actually earning the unit.
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User Info: Fiyun

5 months ago#45
- First free no-effort UoC.

- Get all meta units.

Pick one, and go 350k+ KM stuff for 3 stubs. Eventually.
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User Info: Karnage4208238

5 months ago#46
so this is an elitist topic? and no i have zero interest in hyoh i am going to use my first UoC to get a second loren so i have someone for my beloved kunshira to chain with besides herself (every tmr/stmr and item world i get/go through is in prep for her) and can finally get cg lid the hell out of my party and replace her with an actual tank who just so happens to be my second UoC in merc ramza

so my first and second UoC has nothing to do with hyoh they are all about getting cg lid the hell out of my party lol
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User Info: whonoez

5 months ago#47
See you next week!
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User Info: Wu_Hu

5 months ago#48
Earned lols dumbass

User Info: homer1698

5 months ago#49
despot posted...
might be in the minority I guess but I didn't want uoc to be here now every bob jim and kat are going to have all the meta units easily while I saved up and would have earned them

despot posted...
earned them

despot posted...

Since when does getting lucky count as earning anything? This is a boon that many people, myself included, have been waiting for, one Gumi initially tried to deny. As for you...
"I won the lottery Woohoo! I earned that money!" "I found $50 on the ground, yep I earned
that money too." "I also earned those 3 5* base on my 10+1 summon"

Yep, you're THAT guy.

despot posted...
hyoh is just going to be everywhere now and more than half of people will have unit of choiced him just stupid tbh nothing is special or cool anyway now this is here. dig ur own grave gumi gl

Personally I'd rather use it on Chow but Gumi doesn't believe it should be used on limited units, Hyoh is overhyped garbage and even if he wasn't, who the hell cares?! This is a game where there's always a stronger unit around the corner and many people obsess about the future so much they can't enjoy the now so just shut it and let everyone have a free 5* as I said before, it's not about earning, it's about luck. If you truly feel you earned any of your draws, then you need a psychiatric evaluation.
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User Info: HarmoniousTerra

5 months ago#50
Shut the f*** up all your whiners and grant other poor in money people also their fun. I really want this because this game's prices for lapis to pull units is already expensive as f***!!!
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  3. UoC killed it for me I think
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