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User Info: Torr

6 months ago#1
I've been duped...! So even though Hi-oh is right around the corner I felt enticed to go about and pull on this 5% Nalu banner. And I actually had some real success.


First 5k pull! Woo, 7 star right away.... I was feeling good, so I went ahead and just completed all 5 5k summons for that banner. Picked up a 3rd Nalu along the way. Happy days!

Well that's where everything went horrible. I thought, I have 3 of her already, I just need 1 more for that nice Spear of hers! Went to her actual banner and it all fell to s***.

See that 80k lapis in that screenshot? Yeah it's all gone. All of it. I got 3 Balthiers, Lulu, Duke, and a 6th Wilhelm.

Oh my dear God. I'm in a state of what the f***ery right now. 6 off banner units in a row from that real Nalu banner. Not a single one of her. All my lapis is gone. I'm kind of angry.

This game really can piss me off. To the point where I feel like should write them in the feedback section.... let them know i hate them right now.

Anyway, heres a tip! If you want to pull on this banner? Just do the 5% ones, dont go into the actual banner. The moogles suck and I feel like those being there somehow is detracting from the actual rates.
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User Info: ellis123

6 months ago#2
"A shouted order to do something of dubious morality with an unpredictable outcome? Thweeet!"
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User Info: Dragonslayer67

6 months ago#3
Looks like the banner Gatcha.
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User Info: xTecKx

6 months ago#4
That's gambling for you.

User Info: Blingya25

6 months ago#5
From my experience when the pulls are too good, and on the first pull, stop while you are ahead, it's that good feeling that will always betray you
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User Info: Torr

6 months ago#6
Dragonslayer67 posted...
Looks like the banner Gatcha.

I got GOT


@Blingya25 yeah truit's TRUE, and I was trying to do that. But as I starting grinding the story missions I was liking Nalu more and more. The one they give you as a companion was actually decently strong. Like 1.1k attack and her Limit is a million hits. So it convinced me to go at her. And I got trolled super big time.
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User Info: salpetriere

6 months ago#7
My condolences.
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User Info: Ricemills

6 months ago#8
at first when you say "duped" I saw you got "dupes" of naru and thought it was a stealth brag. after finishing reading the post now I feel sorry for you for the 80k loss.
btw, Hyoh step up only 11k right? I guess you can afford it when he comes.
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User Info: DerDoDo

6 months ago#9
That sucks.

I feel ya, spent way too much on FF8 banner even though I knew it’s not exactly good and drained most ressources that were left.

It happens but who knows, maybe you’ll be our next one ticket boi in a future banner so keep your head up!
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User Info: Rhei1610

6 months ago#10
i did one 5k summon on the 5% banner. no rainbow. off to saving mode again i go.
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