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User Info: kenshinh

1 year ago#191
Guess i'm late to this. Add me to the list too pls

810 588 774
Lead change base on need/request. Currently 862SPR NE Lila with plant killer

User Info: Cloud959

1 year ago#192
Add me to the list too please.

Lead is 1222 attack sephiroth.
I accept all gfaqs requests and I have about 10 slots left.
My fc is 2793-2027-4270
My ign is Cloud/Dream

User Info: CoolMyth

1 year ago#193
Requesting amendment for CoolMyth/Thor404.

Please change my companion from Dragonlord to Orlandeau, 1148 Atk. Thanks.
On 10 September 2007, I was #49 on the leaderboard for the Gamefaqs Character Battle Contest 2007.

User Info: Unit3d

1 year ago#194
Edit for Unit3d:

My companion right now is an 800+ MAG Joachim (with Ring of Lucii for Alterna) for Mog King Event. I was considering removing him as he is a 75% bonus unit, but with the scarcity of 100% and 200% bonus units I might leave him up a little bit longer for the event.
(edited 1 year ago)
Add me if you want, I'm putting up a Shadow Lord strictly for the bonus he gives. Normally, I have 2B in that slot at 900+ attack.

Yeah, it's been a while since I played, I don't have many TMRs, and I've missed a lot. >_>

ID: 574 518 189

Please let me know if you're gonna add me via something like PMs?
Brave Exvius: 574,518,189
(605) ATK 2B for Raid

User Info: Shadowspike23

1 year ago#196
You guys can add me too!

IGN: Shunsui
ID: 298 062 578

Lead Adam Jensen 1191 ATK (will be higher soon)
Brave Exvius FC: 737,197,306
Gfaqs= PostmodernMartr
IGN= Malhavic
Code= 907,598,812
Lead= Cloud
Slot= Sometimes
FFBE: Malhavic Lead: Bonus or ask me.

User Info: StiffBiscuitz

1 year ago#198
ID: 526 558 858

Lead : Orlandeau Att 1589
Lead: Trance Terra Mag 1128

I alternate between my 2 leads frequently so inbox me if you need one set.
I also have 100% dodge tank Warrior of Light, maxed Cloud Strife, and Maxed Fryevia.

Friend slots open up a couple of times a week.
IGN X2th3Z
338 703 751
Lead Tidus , dw w/ brotherhood and will be 7* upon release
Ogre battle 64.......BEST GAME EVER
currently playing--The Show 17-Madden17-CoDBO3-FFX-FFBE-HSHoW-TESV

User Info: Lightshadow1

1 year ago#200
IGN - Aerdrie
047 032 955
Lead - 7* Orlandeau 1200+ Atk

I save all my friend slots only for people on this forum, so I almost always have slots available.
Intolerance is something that tolerant people are intolerant of.
Aerdrie on FFBE - Friend Code: 047-032-955 ADD ME!
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  3. The who's who topic part 2, now with spreadsheet!
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