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User Info: NekoEspirito

8 months ago#1
Maybe I'm alone but I've focused most of my energy the last few weeks toward farming tons of crysts, building up gil for making 7* prisms, and the mog king with 600% bonus.

I've cleared a good amount of content, but with the 7* power surge looming I'd just as soon crush the trials quickly.

I don't dislike a challenge and I have the units and understand the strats, but since we're so close it just seems it'd be entertaining to destroy trials speedily.
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User Info: Goldninja

8 months ago#2
I like the challenge, but trials like Malboro are only challenging because of the tedium. I'd be fine with smoking it with a 7* party.

User Info: JI_Joe

8 months ago#3
Nope, not me.

I like a serious challenge and trying to find a way to clesr something difficult with the little info that msy be on hand, shich are usually the first few hours of a new trial where there's missing some key information that just blows the party up.

I'd have no reason to stick to this game if it weren't for the challenges.
Sure, gamefaqs keeps me mostly, but without challenges here or there, I would have slowly driften off to an inactive account.
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User Info: Ace_Strife

8 months ago#4
I’m missing some key equipment and materia from tmrs, so I’m also playing the waiting game. I guess I could be creative with what I have, but I don’t have the time to devote to figuring that all out. If I’ve got lots of time on my hands, I’d be better served spending that at work. Ah, the joys of growing up...
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User Info: fubar00000

8 months ago#5
I’m just waiting to finally fuse together all these stupid dupes that are sitting in my inventory.
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User Info: kaitanika

8 months ago#6
You're not alone, I've been feeling this way all summer. When 7* arrives, I want to have a lot of content to beat with the new shiny units.
Besides, I've been playing another game recently where I can spend a good 15 minutes gearing up a team to take on a boss, only to have to repeat the same thing for the next boss 30 minutes later. I don't feel like doing the same thing in this game right now as well.
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User Info: Torr

8 months ago#7
I am!
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User Info: uwnim

8 months ago#8
I'm not, but 7*s will be out by the time I'm capable of doing the content
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

8 months ago#9
Yup, I have 7* for Orlandeau, Sephiroth, Fryevia, Raegen, A2, Reberta, Olive, LM Fina, Eiko, TT, Emperor, Queen, Gladio and 7* + stmr for Wilhelm.
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User Info: RaidenGarai

8 months ago#10
I keep telling myself I’m going to wait until 7* every week when they release a new trial/trials now, but every week I decide I want the extra challenge instead and end up doing it anyway.

7* Loren is going to be a game changer for me!
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