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  3. so everybody gonna skip hyoh now

User Info: p862017

8 months ago#1
due to akstar and sephiroth enhancements hyoh is now ranked #9 in JP

and likely out of the top 10 by the time we get him LOL

powercreep guys

User Info: Belialkk

8 months ago#2
After being out for 8 months I'd f***ing hope Hyou was outclassed by now, jeez. Doesn't mean people won't want him now. Plus, by the time Akstar gets released here, there'll of COURSE be in JP, 12 months ahead, with the units that push Akstar into 9 or 10.

This mentality means you never pull ever ever.
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User Info: Da1N02

8 months ago#3
I was skipping regardless but Hyoh will be back when he gets enhanced
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User Info: LordAzai

8 months ago#4
I’m with @Belialkk - if you always look towards the JP schedule, you’d just never pull and not bother playing...

Just play for units you find fun/cool and enjoy it as it comes!
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User Info: wyldman11

8 months ago#5
Sephiroth beats him with Enhancements. Which Hyou (none of the CG units) have gotten yet.

And as long as we get Randi's 7 star, and Frye's 7 star is good I am fine.
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User Info: JI_Joe

8 months ago#6
Another thread reminding me I pulled 3 Lilas instead of 3 Sephiroths.
Lost the 50% coin flip three times. In a row. Out of 3 max.

Feels bad man.
/cries in a corner
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User Info: FinalBraveNUT

8 months ago#7
AKSTAR.... probaly SoL coming next....after him.... Well running o u t of story soon ? Jp.....has to be getting to end of story some damn time...
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User Info: Urgaleet

8 months ago#8
Nah, getting tired of hoarding, just really wanting to piss it all away.

Besides, took a while for him to be topped from what I hear, so he will have some staying power for many months. Plus I really dig his design.
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

8 months ago#9
Wasn't planning to pull for him anyway. If Hyoh won't have 7* available on release then he is going to fall behind for a long time.
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User Info: Shnightmare

8 months ago#10
Sure, I'll skip him if you can skip me ahead 8 months.
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