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User Info: lightsword21

8 months ago#1
So out side of lb break is there anything super worth while compared saving for another unit later.

How important is 70% vs 45% or is the 75% just overkill for the foreseeable future

User Info: RaidenGarai

8 months ago#2
Breaks and Boobs

There's a huge difference between 70% and 45%. There's really no such thing as overkill when it comes to breaks. The thing with Lid is she doesn't do much else, and you can get really good breaks from a unit like Loren 7* or Auron on units that have more versatility.
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User Info: Fiyun

8 months ago#3
Breaks should not be underestimated given how they are calculated.

With high enough value you can forgo buffs while doing it.

Thing with CG Lid is that her values are the highest, and can be used often.

She won't do anything else even at 7*, which happens months later, but she will do that far better than anyone until units like Auron.

But, as always it's about what party compositions you can make that are in the 60%+ territory for debuffs. And what you need to survive at a reasonable threshold.

And if the jump is big enough or you are trading for peanuts with a side grade.



(Plus they will toss a curveball later on breaks...)
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User Info: lightsword21

8 months ago#4
Honestly here lately I haven't been bothering with mitigation even over tritenial wall and wilhelm's provoke not even from their lbs just provoke and cover repeat or provoke and cover defend repeat.


I don't remember the last time I used a serious breaker for the fight barring something like DQ dragonlord, etc... where I am running a partial or trash time I guess I'm just used to trials where ATK/MAG can't be broke anymore even then DV or world destroyer usually is enough for me to get by

User Info: roiwa2

8 months ago#5
Best breaker

She's definitely a bad choice though if you're going up against a boss resistant to all breaks lol
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User Info: Paradox52525

8 months ago#6
She has forehead goggles, and forehead goggles characters are the best.

Unrelated sidenote, I may have played way too much Ragnarok Online...?
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User Info: Laws_of_Woo

8 months ago#7
Top tier breaker, which will come in handy for some tougher fights.

Here's a comparison of some breaks, just to show how strong they are.


Comparison. Unit has 100atk/mag. Target has 100def/spr. All compared to no having no breaks.

Offensive breaks - Have increasing returns
With a 45% break, you'll deal 81% extra damage. <-- Standard break
With a 79% break, you'll deal 376% extra damage. <-- CG Lid Break

Defensive breaks, same unit/target stats. - Decreasing returns
With a 45% break, you'll receive 71% less damage. <-- Standard Break
With a 79% break, you'll receive 94% less damage. <-- CG Lid
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User Info: Paradox52525

8 months ago#8
On a more serious note, people keep saying she does "nothing else" other than break, but she does have some other utility.

On any turns where she's not breaking you can spam her invention move, which restores 30 mp to allies other than herself, and has a 50% chance to unlock a 30% for 3 turns AoE damage mitigation buff, and a 30% chance to unlock a party 100% heal (the other two abilities suck). Not fantastic, but on any turns where she's not using breaks she can act as a minor MP battery and should be able to fairly reliably keep up a 30% mitigation buff and throw out an occasional full party heal.

Her regular breaks last 5 turns, meaning she has a down turn every rotation if you're using all four (which is unlikely). If you're spamming her LB she can do something else every other turn.
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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

8 months ago#9
If you use her on Jake, you break him 99% in all stats :D
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User Info: jaciel01

8 months ago#10
Nothing special, might throw a couple tickets and thats it.
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