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  3. Do you have your favorite FF character? Are you happy with their representation?

User Info: iSelphy

8 months ago#1
I'm guessing most of us playing this game are fans of FF. And being fans we all most likely have a favorite character.

Is your favorite character(s) or series in the game? Do you have him/her/them? And are you happy with how they are?

I like IX a lot. And while most characters in IX are available, I'm sad they're not very viable or used. Zidane is only useful for his TMR as is Beatrix and Steiner. Garnet has her use with Bahamut but the rest of the cast is pretty meh as far as I know.

I would also like Yuffie and Cid from VII but who knows if or when they will come.

User Info: InfestedAdam

8 months ago#2
I don't have a particular favorite Final Fantasy character. Hell, I don't even have a favorite Final Fantasy game. But if we're going by FF games that I've replayed the most of it'll be Final Fantasy Tactics in which case Ramza is in the game. Oddly enough I've never used Orlandeau in the actual FFT as I always powerlevel my party and end up using the hirable characters.
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User Info: Aitz

8 months ago#3

My favorite character is Terra from FF6
She is already in the game, has 3 variants(even if 2/3 are just for collection purpose)

I have normal Terra and Trance Terra but sadly no Magitek Terra.

Im very happy that Terra not in normal form but at least in her Trance form is a top tier unit, she is a staple in my party, same in JP version, very happy to have her at 7* :D
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User Info: lennethsoki

8 months ago#4
Since starting the JP version in February, so far I'm pleased to say that the vast bulk of my favs in the series are in the game, and I've been getting a lot of them ^^ With the most recent banner, I got even more of my favorites trying to get the CG unit (like Setzer, Rinoa, and Gladiolus, among many others <3), so I've gotta say I'm pretty content so far!

Even the meh or bad units, I'll still use them and try to see if I can make them work. Somehow. Character performance didn't stop me from using Locke all the time in FFVI, among other games xD I just hope this game isn't drop-dead IMPOSSIBLE with one or two of said units on the team...
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User Info: UnseenChaos

8 months ago#5
I have 2 of my favorite character - the leading man.

I have 2 of my favorite waifu as well - Rem. <3

I am content.
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User Info: LunaticCritic

8 months ago#6
Decent, I suppose.
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User Info: IneptZzz

8 months ago#7
My fav is probably Freya from FF9,
I was very disappointed when they gave Vivi, Garnet and Zidane a 6* and left her in the dust along with Amarant, and Quina who never made an appearance.

User Info: DerDoDo

8 months ago#8
Nah, not exactly XD.

Most of them are somewhat missing right now.

FF7: Tifa,Vincent, Barrett , Sephiroth
FF8: Quistis
FF10: Auron
FF12: Basch (check), Gabranth
FFT: Landu (check), Delita (check)

The older games are more or less complete in this game right now, only notable one I really miss is Gilgamesh which I really wanted even though he is heavily outclassed.

Other than that I have the most nostalgic feelings for FF7 because back then this the biggest changer for my gaming experience when it got released so maybe that’s the main reason for this feelingh of attachment.
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User Info: Shnightmare

8 months ago#9
Cecil: Had a great run before WoL got 6* and Wilhelm got released.
Kain: sucks.
Golbez: sucks.
Cloud: don't have but I know he's represented well in this game.
Barbariccia: awesome! She got the respect and badassery that the Archfiends deserve!
Rubicante: sucks. Such disrespect from Gumi.
Cagnazzo: useful.
Scarmiglione: doomed to suck forever because 3* base.
Cyan: see Scarmiglione.
Sabin: see Cyan.
Gau: see Sabin.

There are other favorites too. I can't pick just one!
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User Info: Cyanide

8 months ago#10
Rip FF6 lovers. Shadow, Sabin, Cyan, Celes, Edgar...

Celes is the story focus character of the second half of FF6 which makes her the only story focus character in the released games to not have a 6* form. Wol, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, Zidane, Tidus, Lightning, Noctis all have 6 star and some uses... Celes is stuck at 5 with a weirdly misogynistic TMR (seriously, read Minerva Bustier's flavor text. It's pretty gross).

Speaking of misogyny, why does Firion say he won't trust women as his 4* fusion quote? At the beginning of his game he's rescued by a woman and helped by several women throughout. He's betrayed and deceived by more men than women by the end. When I first read that it made him disappointing to me.

I'm glad Noctis had a good run of usefulness, a great TMR, and is still a great Arena unit. He may have had a lackluster second half of his game, but his representation in ffbe has been great.
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