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User Info: 1stborn

11 months ago#1
Do macros still work on ffbe?? If so, is nox the best? Or is there a better one?
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User Info: Locust99

11 months ago#2
1stborn posted...
Do macros still work on ffbe?? If so, is nox the best? Or is there a better one?

1. Yes.
2. The best macro? It's not a macro, but a (stable) emulator :)
3. Macro? Depends on how/what you want to macro. There're some pages for that macro-txts.
Emulator? There's also Memu, but it lags really hard (for me at least).
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User Info: TrasHxBoaT

11 months ago#3
Yeah nox or meme are the best. I had same problem with memu lagging. So I also use nox
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User Info: Osfa

11 months ago#4
I recently switched over to nox. memu just started lagging and crashing.
stick to nox.
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User Info: ChocoboDreams

11 months ago#5
Both Memu and Nox lag for me, so if the same happens to you, know you're not alone. I've yet to find a workaround.
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User Info: RaidenGarai

11 months ago#6
Memu is terrible
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User Info: mdly68

11 months ago#7
Android game tuner if you are on an android phone. You have to watch an ad to enable macros for a while and it crashes occasionally but this way I can grind TMR at work without installing an emulator on my desktop.
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