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User Info: seiftis

1 year ago#21
Nota214 posted...
Every single rainbow I've had from a daily has been Lightning.

Every. Single. One.

Well, at least you get rainbows. I've been wasting all the pulls in my life for 3*. Everytime. 3*

User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#22
I drop expectations with pulls, which is exactly what Gacha games bank on.
TMR fodder is good for me. Unless it's Fang/Charlotte.

Then I'm pissed.

Arken101 posted...
her stmr is the best sword so far

And on cue, Gumi will nerf it on release specifically because everyone got a free Lightning that one time.

User Info: Willowed

1 year ago#23
Manowarrior35 posted...
-ZenXero- posted...
Rainbow dropped..
Prayed hard for EAileen, I have 3 100% waiting to piledrive her. I don't really want her but it's just the moogles...THE MOOGLES!

Out comes effin Lightning. Whoop dee effin doo.

Just keep the 100% trust moogles.

In JP they apparently get Trust Moogle containers. If you put 100% worth of a unit's trust moogles into the container you get that TMR (or something like that). So we'll just have to be patient but we should get Ex Aileen's TMR at that point.

Unless they have a system that allows you to pull such moogles, you only get those from converting a unit to awakening material.
I'm famous with a cheater, apparently.
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