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  3. What 6* awakening materials you have trouble having in stock?

User Info: Heavyscale

9 months ago#1
Recently I have a lot of units that I held off awakening to 6* simply because I run out of awakening materials for them. Yes, King Mog do sells a lot of them but I don't like to buy the more expensive ones unless I have units that need to be awaken immediately.

I think everyone will have no problem having Divine Crystal in stock since it is used least.

For me, the top 3 would be Fairy Writs, Rainbow Blooms and Prismatic Horns.

Rarely I ever run out of Calamity Writs when I need it, and never for Calamity Gems.

So how is it for everyone else?
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User Info: Armageddon_Wolf

9 months ago#2
Mostly rainbow bloom I think, can't check due to maint but seems like almost everyone uses 20 of those
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User Info: les4metal

9 months ago#3
Prismatic Horn.
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User Info: SoulEaterTed

9 months ago#4
I never run out of 6* awakening materials.
I always make sure I have at least 100 of each type and restock during MK events.

..... that and because I'm not lucky enough to get good units I want to raise to 6* T_T
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User Info: WreakHavoc

9 months ago#5
None, I used to have this issue, but now I am just running out of units to awaken to 6*

User Info: Mutedfaithwi60

9 months ago#6
I've got 200+ of each, eventually you reach a point where you pretty much run out of units worth awakening. Saves me a lot of time on MK events since I don't have to farm them.
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User Info: Garr

9 months ago#7
None. My problem is not wanting to awaken units until I max their LB. That combined with my last 2 rainbows being a dupe zarg from our 5* ticket and dupe Willhelm from yesterdays free pull means I cant spend them as fast as I get them. I have 250+ of each.

User Info: jpridgen0

9 months ago#8
If you're running low on awakening mats, don't sweat it. That time will pass. I remember when i first came back to the game around the anniversary last year. A month or 2 passes and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why gumi still had awakening mats locked behind mog king events. Fast forward to now and I have almost 200+ of everything with nothing to spend them on.
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User Info: SGT_Conti

9 months ago#9
I was starting to run low on Rainbow Blooms and Calamity Gems but I filled everything back to 120 after this recent MK event.
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User Info: IamNori

9 months ago#10
Definitely not Divine Crystals.
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