Bragpost topic. Post your brags in here

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User Info: LordKefka2

1 week ago#1
And please add spoilers.


-Your resident troll

Edit: as sad as it sounds it feels like this topic should be the first topic anyone sees.

Sticky this lmao
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Lord_Koji

1 week ago#2
I got 2 Explorer Aileen with minimal investment (~15 total tickets).

Much more excited for Tidus enhancements though!
PSN: KojiKensei

User Info: flkid

1 week ago#3
Quit for a couple months then came back and my first ticket used dropped an off banner Blossom Sage Sakura. Recently got an Eiko from a 4* King Mog ticket as well even tho Eiko is meh. 2 days ago I got an off banner dupe Emperor from a raid ticket. Oh and also got Roy from a free 10+1 ticket. That's about it since coming back. 4 rainbows in about a week and a half and $0 spent. Not bad.
PSN: DarkVelstadt

User Info: MetalRed

1 week ago#4
Got Ray Jack on my first ticket. You guys suck.

User Info: Rumar

1 week ago#5
I devote myself to keeping this thread up on the first page whenever I can. If it prevents even a few of these obnoxious threads being posted, it's had a purpose.

User Info: Belialkk

1 week ago#6

it was Vaan

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User Info: DerDoDo

1 week ago#7
I got breast implants for myself so I can make more money at my job down at the harbour to spend it here.

Most hairy t*** a hooker got in like...ever...
don't bend, ascend!
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User Info: GreenMage7

1 week ago#8
I spent way too much on Explorer Aileen banner and didn't get her. Got many rainbows but they were all dupes or stuff like Aranea and Jiraiya. Not one Explorer Aileen, only pain and sadness. Not even a useful off-banner. This is not the first time this happened either.

Beat that.
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User Info: Dinosquash

1 week ago#9
Today I used lotion

No more forest fires for me :)
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"Then what should an Angel fight for, Zack? What do Angels dream of ?!?!"
Should have added a trigger warning in the title for that child that b****es about bragposts all the time
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