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  3. Would you want a new 5-6* unit? Or a dupe to make a 7* unit?

User Info: Tenaku

9 months ago#1
This is just a discussion for opinions.

Now that 7* units is a thing, or will be for GL in the future, getting a copy of a 5* base unit you already have doesn't sound so bad anymore.

So what do you think now? Would you hope to obtain more dupes for more 7* units, or would you prefer to get new 5* bases that you don't have yet?

I'm on the fence on this. My only dupe 5* bases that are not free are Wilhelm and Olive. I'm going to love my upgraded Wilhelm, but I doubt I will ever get those Marshal Gloves to get Olive's BiS gear.

How about you guys?

User Info: FionZyles

9 months ago#2
7 star, especially crazy ass like Hyou, TT and CG Lid, you can slaughter many content with these OP units, even if you're using 3~4 star base TMRs you definitely still gonna beat tons of 6 stars with every single 5 star TMRs

Also getting dupe Chainer meaning you get one that can perfect chain with your chainer since the best Chain partner is Dupe themselves
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User Info: Fiyun

9 months ago#3
Dupes are a safer bet.
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User Info: moot_sg

9 months ago#4
It depends on the unit, is the right answer.

Myself, after a certain point, diversity is more fun. 7 stars is really one answer to the problem of boring, redundant dupes.
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User Info: LordAzai

9 months ago#5
Definitely depends on the unit. At this point in the game, I think I'd prefer 1 of every character before dupes, simply for variety and choice of 5* TMs. But I'd definitely not scoff having dupes of certain units (namely people like Onion Knight and Elfrieda).

7* is still quite a way away, and is extremely expensive to tailor to as far as I know. So for the time being, new units are priority.
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User Info: Cupper

9 months ago#6
I'd like two Veritas of the Dark, please.
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User Info: jpridgen0

9 months ago#7
Dupes. I gots a solid set of units now. All I need is more copies of them.

The exception to this is Sephiroth and Squall. Of course I want them. But I'd rather take dupes over everything else now.
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User Info: DJMeth

9 months ago#8
Given the number of 5* I already have, I'd take dupes over new ones.

The exceptions being OK and DV
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User Info: IzualUrashima

9 months ago#9
Considering I already have enough dupes for a full 5* team and I still don't have Gilgamesh, I'd take new ones over dupes.
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User Info: MMZ

9 months ago#10
I got enough to make a full team of 7* units including some good ones like Tidus, Aileen, and Ayaka, but I still really want a dupe for my Orlandeau, and would love a 7* Trance Terra as well, but haven't even got my first one yet.
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