No compensation?

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User Info: bay818

6 months ago#1
The game is up and running. I actually expected a compensation coming up. At least 500 lapis would be nice to calm everybody down. But seriously, no compensation at all? Did I miss anything here? Just want to make sure

User Info: Ninjabotv2

6 months ago#2
Patience, grasshopper.
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User Info: asm154

6 months ago#3
Not yet. Am sure they are working on it right now. They reportedly pulled an all nighter waiting for Apple to release their app (seriously).

User Info: Pierz

6 months ago#4
If I've seen them compensate after players can log in this would be a first, so probably not.
Guessing it's because they want to keep parity to the Android player base.

User Info: Dinosquash

6 months ago#5
5* tix compensation
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User Info: Belialkk

6 months ago#6

"Compensation for affected users will be announced at a later time."
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User Info: LordAzai

6 months ago#7
I imagine they will deliberate on compensation as they did in the past. Although I can see uproar if it follows previous compensation following talks.
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

6 months ago#8
Belialkk posted...

"Compensation for affected users will be announced at a later time."

How will this work? I tried to sign in with both my iOS and Android. :(
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User Info: MelzezDoor

6 months ago#9
Thanks iOSers! Now we all get King pots, All moogles, raid coins, and extended days yay!! hopefully

User Info: litz_c

6 months ago#10
Let’s wait and see.... 100 lapis!!

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