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  3. Surviving against Bakuya's White Mist

User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#1
This seems to be the one attack that makes the whole fight difficult.
Am I just lacking really good gear to bolster SPR or are there units (Outside of Mystea/Basch to Magic Cover) to help survive through White Mist?

Usually if I break the MAG/ATK and buff SPR, it's doable but there's still no guarantee all units will survive, and if it's cast twice then the fight is basically over.
Should I be removing the debuffs from Wrath's, or that not so important?

User Info: N-K-S

1 year ago#2
He should only use it once per turn. The other dragon can use black mist which is slightly weaker.

Should bring a unit that can protect you from stat breaks as it's a massive 90% def or spr break to one of your units.

You can also bring a unit like rikku or yan and use their LB to help with surviving but then you'd loss all your buffs including the wrath moves for that turn.
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User Info: MetalRed

1 year ago#3
Kryla can solo.

User Info: Rumar

1 year ago#4
Also are you preventing debuffs?
If you don’t, you’ll have units that are 90% spr broken so no wonder they die.

User Info: Verjax

1 year ago#5
I had Roy in my team, and Cowered courage, on turn 1 Mercenary Ramza died (I used him as a weaker Physical/Magic DPS, so that my main DPS doesn't accedentally kill) because I hadn't broken the boss's stats, but on turn 2 I did an AoE full break, and no one else came close to dying for the rest of the fight.

User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#6
Thanks for the help all!

Yeah, the debuff was what wrecked the team and Silvia's Cover Shield helped stop it.
Was a very slow fight that took 27 turns but finally did it. Unfortunately I didn't realise that you have to specifically land the killing blow with Wrath/Vengeance. You can't just 'include' it with someone else's attack like you can with every other mission in the game.
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  3. Surviving against Bakuya's White Mist
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