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User Info: pachinpu

1 year ago#21
Got Lani and Sice, so I earned my right to post here.
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User Info: ckross144

1 year ago#22
Used my 4* ticket this morning. Rainbow dropped...and I got d.fina.

My last 2 on banner rainbow units have been Duke and Ray Jack. I got VoF and a 3rd Olive on the healer banner.

I've been really tempted to just quit for a while and I think this might be the nudge I needed. I've been enjoying DFOO and got back into GBF about a month ago.

Given all that's happening I think taking a step back just in case this ship totally bursts into flame isn't a terrible idea.
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User Info: UnseenChaos

1 year ago#23
f*** the 40+ blues I’ve gotten in a row!
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User Info: Manowarrior35

1 year ago#24
I got Sabin, I wish I got a Rubicante.
Should I reroll?
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User Info: ByCrom333

1 year ago#25
I got Cyan, so...
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User Info: moot_sg

1 year ago#26
Got 2 golds on the daily and the free pull today. 3rd Victoria (okay) and 2nd Nine (meh).
PSN: moot_sg - Pawn:Zoot/Strider /Level 87

User Info: Randomx

1 year ago#27
Blue crap is what i get. Well, except yesterday and today. I got 3 golds with Yan, Seven and Aura. Didn't do the daily pull today since i got the Yan yesterday and she's all i wanted from this banner.
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User Info: LordAzai

1 year ago#28
Splashed out unmentionable amount of money chasgin BS Sakura to not land her.

Went back to doing dailies and the free pulls - 3 rainbows in 3 days. Not ones I wanted/needed but still very lucky indeed. Hoping the daily only logic carries on!
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User Info: Goldninja

1 year ago#29
Luna. Meh

User Info: Dragoon67

1 year ago#30
FFBE-Dragoon 703221428
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