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User Info: the_quickness

10 months ago#11
I got Bedile on the free one, and Yuri on the 250. I also got Bedile yesterday.

Also, I'm back, I guess.
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User Info: Fukenog

10 months ago#12
Snagged a dupe Luneth the other day from my free pull. Was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Other than that I've got crap blues as well.
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User Info: nativeboi85

10 months ago#13
Pulled a blue on the free pulls but decided today to do a 250 lapis pull and got a dupe orlandeu
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User Info: RndmNmber1

10 months ago#14
FinalBraveNUT posted...
Today's "f*** THIS PULL" another f***ing useless Rubicante

Get 5 of them, gear them for highest HP as possible, and then put them on arena. Rubicante's counters even more annoying than Dark Fina's.
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User Info: gdawe14

10 months ago#15
I've pulled all blues including 3 Tellahs on my alt and 2 more on my main but Tuesday I pulled Merc Ramza on the free and then Ang on the daily right after from my alt account...that was a first for me

User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
10 months ago#16
Free pull, shadow
Daily half, larsa
P'ed off, wasted a 4* ticket just to see a gold this month, rosa

I don't understand how ppl get good stuff and/or banner units and all i get is blue junk. I mean, happy for you but dang. What's with all my junk blue luck?
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User Info: DRiccs

10 months ago#17
Dunno if it was lolworthy or jawdropping, but the odds of getting Ulrica in BOTH daily and free are even lower than getting a rainbow itself.. This game sometimes knows how to give that tick.
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User Info: Locust99

10 months ago#18
FinalBraveNUT posted...
Today's "f*** THIS PULL" another f***ing useless Rubicante

You can put some of Lubricante's tmr on Basch or whoever for more SPR-boost.
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User Info: c_sunset

10 months ago#19
3 yuris in a row. What the hell.

User Info: Belialkk

10 months ago#20
f*** all these pulls
(yes I wrote them down)

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