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User Info: RndmNmber1

1 year ago#41
fantasyste posted...
SoulEaterTed posted...
fantasyste posted...
See friends ' elemental weapon

Couldn't you just filter your friend list by their weapon elements?

How can I?
@ SoulEaterTed

Use the filter.
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User Info: Chriss_Q80

1 year ago#42
jpridgen0 posted...
1) Fuse Cacts
2) Fuse Pots
3) Fuse Snaps (even tho they get sold immediately, lol)
4) Transfer gear directly from one character to another. Everything unit A is wearing gets transferred to unit B with a single button press as long as unit B can equip it all.
5) Built in macro or at least something to make tmr grinding easier. My computer's down atm and it feels like I'm stuck.
6) Free rainbow pulls at will 😈
Edit: 7) Manually sorting unit inventory. I want all my top dogs at the top of the list and not have to scroll down to find them. Might as well do equipment and abilities like this as well.
8) Raid and Arena orb overflow upon level up like our energy does now

Wouldnt you actually lose gil if you decide to fuse the snaps instead of just straight out selling them ? haha

User Info: thrillee

1 year ago#43
A chess-like LIVE P2P battle arena.
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User Info: Kundow

1 year ago#44
I'd be satisfied with not "Connecting" ad nauseum every time I try to do anything at all.

User Info: Sasenai

1 year ago#45
Blade24_7 posted...
Built in macro (even if it was only usable for earth shrine).......

GUMI has this on Brave Frontier. You can repeat a certain stage/quest until you ran out of energy.

Sky3DS posted...
Delete all friend requests

I vote for this as well...
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User Info: Zanir9x

1 year ago#46
Tron64 posted...
Funny no one mentioned Arena/Raid orbs max cap increase. Those should be at least double the current cap of 5 to somewhat match with nrg cap.

I second this... not exactly match with the NRG but at least 1 OR 2 more orbs, so we can have 6 to 7 orbs instead...
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User Info: Lazz3k

1 year ago#47
Yeah, conditional autosell.
Ie. (If fire cryst > 199, sell),
long press on actual item to set condition of autosell.

User Info: Shnightmare

1 year ago#48
The greatest QoL update ever: "Accounts are no longer tied to Facebook! Your account is now tied to your email or the FFBE website!"

Make it happen, Gumi.
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User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#49
○ Gain experience/level up after each battle in Exploration.
There's nothing to 'commit' to with the current system because the (high) chances are that players are just going to be having a powerful companion do must of the leg work. Besides that, I'd much rather see a character grow stronger and gain abilities whilst they're in Exploration. Seems a lot more organic.

○ Have factually better Magic/Abilities replace existing ones when levelling up — at least with Magic and its hierarchy. NEVER have I had to use Cure over Curaga because the MP was running out.

○ Guarantee a 0.1% TMR increase with each dungeon a character hasn't done. It'd discourage macro and incentivise players to take fresh characters through early stages of the world map, and get them levelling up more naturally as opposed to Chamber/Cactuars.

User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

1 year ago#50
Have atleast 1 unit get trust after every battle(suggested this on their fb suggestions post)

Repeat / rerun quest option (see above)

Vortex mission to farm trust moogles.
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