How many units do you have on 6* Lvl 100?

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  3. How many units do you have on 6* Lvl 100?

User Info: Rumar

3 months ago#1
While trying to figure out if I have any unit left to level/awaken (I don’t, even stupid Ray Jack is already lvl 100 to star in some future expeditions), I realized I have quite an amount of them in the meantime.

It’s 70 for me (naturally including 3/4* base units, lots of them).

How’s it looking for you?

User Info: OlaiTheViking

3 months ago#2
I1, and the second one almost there. Pretty satisfied considering having played under 1 week.
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User Info: LordKefka2

3 months ago#3

User Info: Sky3DS

3 months ago#4
50+ but most of them are bench warmers. Only 15 to 20 saw battles.

User Info: Rumar

3 months ago#5
LordKefka2 posted...

Very good answer, thank you kindly :D
I know it must be a ton for you, don’t be lazy, count! :p

User Info: Indriane

3 months ago#6
45 maxed
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User Info: beserkker2010

3 months ago#7
60, but I had 44 before i realized the advantage of higher Limit Bursts. so the next 16 that i leveled all had to get their LB to level 20 before i'd awaken them to 6*.. I don't recall exactly when i made the switch, Onion Knight or 2B banner's I think.

Which that brings up another interesting topic, how many units do you have with a level 25 LB. Only 6 made it to 25 for me. I realized it takes too long going from 20 to 25. Especially when i took the time to do it to units like Cloud of Darkness, Chizuru, Trance Terra, Onion Knight, Maxwell, and Exdeath. I don't even use 4 of them any more, take a guess as to which 4 lol.

Another would be how many units do you have fully potted. (this one is easy to check as they keep track in the records) mine is 17

User Info: DerDoDo

3 months ago#8
78 so far...
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User Info: JakeN43

3 months ago#9
121 with another about 40 to go
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User Info: khemp0

3 months ago#10
94, Still got a lot of unleveled ones including the newly acquired CG Lassworm.
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  3. How many units do you have on 6* Lvl 100?

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