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  3. Should unit levels be dropped entirely?

User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#1
This is a controversial idea but it largely stems from the fact the game seems to encouraging speed-levelling so much that there’s almost no point to it. It could of been justified by allowing some freedom in which stats to specifically improve with each level up, but equips largely influence this instead.

Basically, the character reaches Lv 100 and then it might be viable for party use. There are of course varying levels in dungeon difficulties but how would a player gauge whether their low-level party can tackle ADV? Some units are clearly better than others, stat growth and abilities. Companions take a lot of effort away before PRO/ELT too. (though they are optional)

It might have worked better if units are instead at Max Level, stat wise, and the boost in stats happens with awakenings. However, players would still have to unlock abilities/magic through a form of currency (like awakenings) or perhaps a levelling in itself. (Ex. 54000pts until next Ability)

Maybe I’m not looking at this from the developers point of view, though. Because we all know how good a unit is very quickly thanks to the community wiki. I’m guessing players themselves are suppose to gradually understand how good a unit is and traditional leveling allows this. If it was like the suggested above, players would find out too quickly the worth of a unit.

THEN AGAIN, the banners just tell you outright what the maximum stats of the new units are inc. their abilities.

What do you think?
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User Info: GladiusVortex

1 year ago#3
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User Info: BassGSnewtype

1 year ago#4
Please no, then it wouldn't be Final Fantasy
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User Info: shadowhippo1986

1 year ago#5

User Info: IamNori

1 year ago#6
Abilities are tied to level. Not everyone needs to be Lv. 100 right away to be viable.

I use non-maxed Units to clear Trials ‘cause I don’t want to wait.
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User Info: xZeikx

1 year ago#7
Most games do this tbh. In FFRK for instance you can level an entire team from 1-99 in a day now. (Without refresh)
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User Info: whonoez

1 year ago#8
This game is about grinding and gambling. It will never happen.
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User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#9
BassGSnewtype posted...
Please no, then it wouldn't be Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is about gradual character growth, though, right? They start out as small folk and then they go beat up god through so much improvement.

I’m still sentimental with leveling and that’s why I try and level up units in exploration, actually trying to use their abilities and look forward to new ones rather than pump them with cactuars and forget entirely what was just unlocked.

whonoez posted...
This game is about grinding and gambling. It will never happen.

That’s my point though: grinding tends to be skipped entirely with character levels.

User Info: AnonymousLoner

1 year ago#10
So in other words, you want to replace one grind to make a character viable with...another grind to make a character viable?
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